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Baby Sling Wearing Instructions

Hot Mama Ink Baby Sling Instructions

Baby Wearing 101:

Fold the sling so that the fold travels around your arm like a circle, and then flatten it with the seam pouch pointing down.

To use your left shoulder, put your right arm through the center of the sling with the fold pointing inward, then pull the sling over your head and rest it on your left shoulder; your sling should now be lying across your body from left to right. Reverse these directions to use on your right shoulder.

The top portion of the pouch should be under the armpit, level with the bottom of your ribcage. The bottom should hang near your hipbone. It should feel a little snug.

The open part of the fabric should be facing up, forming pouch. The fabric should stay folded and flat on your shoulder and across you back, with the weight of the baby supported by your shoulder bone and hip, NOT your neck and back. Separate the two layers of fabric. Baby goes in the pouch.

Pea in the Pod - (Birth to six months)
Shift the sling so the seam is between your belly button and your hip. Lower baby into the pouch with his head by your chest, his bum at the seam and his feet down in the pouch. The baby can face forward to either side - whatever's most comfortable. For smaller babies, you may want to try placing a small folded blanket down in the pouch to add some padding and support.

Kangaroo - (3 - 6 months)
This position is for babies who have head control and want to see the world! For this position, move the seam of the pouch towards your belly button and away from your hip. Hold the pouch open as if you were going to put baby in lying down, but instead cross baby's legs, and place baby in the sling in a sitting position facing out. Hold on to baby until you and baby are comfortable with this position.

Hipster - (When baby can sit up - 30 pounds)
This is a great way to carry around your baby without your arms or hip getting tired. Pick baby up and put his feet through the sling. Open folds and drop him bum in. The sling should look like baby is using the sling as a chair. The top of the sling should cover the baby's back to his armpits and the bottom of the fabric should cover baby's bottom of the fabric should cover baby's bottom and extend to the bend in his knees. Try to have the seam go right down the center of baby's bum.