Prenatal Yoga and the Best Maternity Yoga Pants

Apr 14th 2015

Workout Wednesday!

Yoga during pregnancy can be so beneficial.  Prenatal yoga helps you to relax and breathe deeply, keeps your muscles limber, improves your balance and helps improve circulation.  These are all things that will help you during your pregnancy and labor.  Following is a great prenatal yoga workout by Katy Appleton.

It is important to dress comfortably and to wear clothes that move with you when you perform your pregnancy yoga routine.  The best maternity yoga pants we have found are ones with a foldover waist and a slight bootleg.  This style allows you to wear the waistband over the tummy or under, depending on your personal preference.  The foldover waist yoga pants are also stylish enough to wear out and about!

Best Maternity Yoga Pants

Pregnancy Yoga Pants