Milk Bands Nursing Bracelet - Yellow

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Product Overview

Milk Bands are the perfect solution for the breastfeeding mom who desires to keep track of baby's feeding sessions without the hassle of a nursing journal or safety pins. Milk Bands were designed to provide the feeding information of an infant to the nursing mother all on one wrist!

Color:  Yellow

Use and Care:
Your Milk Band reminds you which side you last nursed from by flipping it inside out - not moving it from wrist to wrist. If you are right handed, wear the band on your left wrist and vise versa.

Place the bracelet on your wrist so the side you last began feeding from is facing outward (RIGHT or LEFT). When you are ready to nurse again, simply look at the bracelet to remember which side you started with at your last feeding session. Flip the bracelet over and start your feeding session from the other side. (Remember to always leave the band displaying the side you last started feeding from until you feed again!)

A nursing session can also be timed by using the sliders to keep track of the minutes spent feeding per session. To track multiple feedings simply add the new minutes to the previous feeding minutes by moving the slider accordingly. (Time is tracked in 5 minute intervals.)

To keep track of the time your baby last fed, simply check the clock at the start of a nursing session and move the hour slider to the correct hour position and the minute slider to the nearest 5 minute position. Leave the sliders in place as a reminder of what time you last fed your baby until you nurse again.

One Milk Band should last for months. To clean, wash with mild soap and warm water, rinse and dry. You may even occasionally sterilize your Milk Band by placing it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review